Users are accounts created to access the application. You can also assign roles that are used to control access to functionality in VOZIQ application. This is the Users page:

You can add, edit or delete a user from this page.

In VOZIQ there are 4 role definitions:

  • Administrator: This user gets complete access to the application.
  • Business Analyst: This is the default role. User gets read and write functionality access. Administration section will not available to this user. Also this user cannot delete any element under Insights. Only Administrator can do that.
  • Application User: This user gets read access but no write access of the entire application.
  • Insight Admin: This role is specifically related to the write functionality of Insights section.This role must always be added to users with Administrator and Business Analyst roles.

Creating a new User

Click on the Add new User option on the top right corner of the screen to create a new user.


Fill in all the details and assign report groups, dashboard groups and roles to the user. Assigning action similar to how groups are assigned as mentioned in Groups page.

Click on Save to create the User account.

This account should then appear in the Users page.

Note: If you don’t assign any roles to a new user, the user will be assigned with Business Analyst role by default as soon as you click on Save.
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