Text Query Filter

To search your data, enter your search criteria in the Query bar and press Enter or click Search images/search-button.jpg


To apply text query filter:
1. Enter a query string in the Search field:

  • To perform a free text search, simply enter a text string.
  • To search for a value in a specific field, prefix the value with the name of the field. For example, you could enter status:200 to find all of the entries that contain the value 200 in the status field.
  • To search for a range of values, you can use the bracketed range syntax, [START_VALUE TO END_VALUE]. For example, to find entries that have 4xx status codes, you could enter status:[400 TO 499].
  • To specify more complex search criteria, you can use the Boolean operators AND, OR, and NOT as shown in the image above.

2. Press Enter or click the Search button to submit your text query.

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