The best use of a search is to create tables of call records with specific insightful fields. For ex. you can add the repeat call identifier counter to identify if that particular call record is a repeat call or not.

In order to do this, you have to add fields to a search as well as remove the _source field.

Adding Fields to a Search

By default, a new search shows the localized version of the time field and _source field. You can add fields to the table from the Fields list on the left side or from a record’s expanded view.

To add field columns to the search table:

  1. Move the cursor over a field in the Fields list and click Add button.  
  2. Repeat until you’ve added all the fields you want to display in the Search.
  3. Alternately, add a field column directly from a record’s expanded view by clicking the Toggle - VOZIQ Dashboard Toggle option in table button.

The added field columns replace the _source column in the search automatically. The added fields are also listed in the Selected Fields section at the top of the field list on the left.

Tip: Fields are added from left to right. Any newly selected field will appear at the right end of the table. However you have the option to move the fields left and right.

Sorting the Search

You can sort the call records in the search by the values on any indexed field. The records are sorted in reverse chronological order of call date and call time by default. In other words, latest call records appear on the top.

To change the sort order, hover over the name of the field you want to sort by and click the sort button. Click again to reverse the sort order.

You can also rearrange the fields by hovering over the header of the field you want to move and click the Move left or Move right button.

Removing Fields from a Search

To remove field columns from the search table:

  1. Mouse over the field you want to remove in the Selected Fields section of the Fields list and click on remove button. Remove Dashboard
  2. Repeat until you’ve removed all the fields you want to drop from the search table.
  3. Alternately, you can also use the Toggle - VOZIQ Dashboard Toggle option in the expanded view.


You can further manage the data with the help of filters. These have been explained in detail in Filters section.

Saving a Search

Once a search is organized it must be saved. Saving a search saves both the filters applied as well as the pattern of the selected fields.

To save the current search:

  1. Click the Save Search button  in the toolbar.
  2. Enter a name for the search and click Save.

Loading/Opening a Saved Search

To load/open a saved search:

  1. Click the Open Search button  in the toolbar.
  2. Select the search you want to load/open.

Creating a New Search

To clear the current search and start a new search:

  1. Click the New Search button  in the Discover toolbar.
  2. By default, clicking on the Discover tab, in the main menu option, opens a new Search.

By default, the 500 most recent call records that match the query are listed in the Search. You can configure the number of records shown in the search by setting the discover:sampleSize property in Settings option.

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