To create a new report, you will first have to upload a report template and then create a definition for that template.

To upload a template , click on Upload Reports Template in the Reports page in Administration. You will come to the below page. Click on Select file to select the .rpt template of the report and then click on Upload to upload the template into the application.

Once the template is uploaded, come back to the Reports page and click on Create new Report Definition.

The report definition includes the name and description of the report and a number of other properties including the DataSource, Report template, and Export Types.

The Report Parameters associated with the report are shown in tabs. A new report must be saved before this tab become available.

The Query is required for QueryReports only. QueryReports are reports created directly from SQL queries. Query Reports are displayed as a table in an HTML page and support paging, sorting, scheduling, and exporting to XLS, CSV, and PDF. QueryReports do not require report templates.

Adding Report Parameters

The Report Parameters tab is used to associate parameters with a report. Report Parameters are given a Step and a Sort Order and can be marked as Required.

The Step property is used to prompt to the user to enter parameters in a series of steps, or pages. The Sort Order sets the order of parameters within a given step.

In order to use Compound Parameters, parameters that are built from the values of a previous chosen parameter, the first parameter must be in added to the report in a prior Step then the dependent parameter.

Reports Configuration
Report Parameters