Insight data source is one of the items required while setting up the application. Once the data is brought into VOZIQ servers, it is processed and aggregated and enriched with VOZIQ enrichments. After this the next step is to connect this enriched data to the Insights section of the application to access the data via dashboards and visualizations. Insight Data Source help us in connected the enriched data to the Insights module.

To connect the data click on the Insight Data Sources option in the Administration page.

This is the Insights Data Source page. Click on the New Connection button to connect a new data source to the Insights module.

In the create source page, select the table present in the database and exclude fields from the database table that is not needed for visualization purposes in the dashboards. For ex. you can exclude common fields like system_id etc.

All the fields hold comma separated values like categories and themes must be selected under analyzed fields.

Moving elements from one box to another can be done in he same way as explained in the Groups page.

Once done click on Finish. The new connection will appear in the Insight Data Connector page.


Data Connectors