This module talks about VOZIQ’s interactive analytical section of the application. VOZIQ’s Insights consists of the following 4 options.


Once you log into your VOZIQ account, you will be brought into this section. Specifically the dashboard option. The top 3 options help you in creating and managing different interactive dashboards. You can create multiple dashboards per user. Settings option is used to manage the items created from the top 3 options.

In order to create a new interactive dashboard or modify an existing one, you will have to use the below options.

  • Use the Discover functionality to explore your data
  • Set up some Visualizations to graphically represent your data
  • Assemble those visualizations into a Dashboard
  • To delete dashboards, searches or visualizations, you use the Settings option
Tip: Please note some of the terminologies specifically used for the Dashboard management.
Index – VOZIQ stores your data in the form of tables in its database. These tables are referred to as index or indices(multiple tables).
Fields – Fields are nothing but column names that form the table or the index.