As the name suggests, this section is used to generate in built reports. VOZIQ provides each account with a standard set of reports that can be used for regular performance monitoring purposes.

To run a report follow the following steps:

Once you click on  button you will come to Report Groups page. The report groups contains all the in built standard reports. Each report group serves a particular business requirement.

Click on any of the group to access the reports inside the selected group.

Click on any report to run that particular report. A parameter page will open up. Fill in the required parameters. Click on Continue.

The report will now be generated at the back end and you will be taken to Export Options page.


Choose one of the 4 options as needed:

Run: To run the report in the same window. Report will appear in the same window.

Run in New Window: To run the report in a new window. Report will appear in a new tab.

Schedule: To Schedule a report. Scheduled report will delivered to the recipient in box based on the time decided in the next window.

Send in Email: To send the report via email. The recipient will be same account used to access the application at that point of time.

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