Field Filter

You can create a filter from anywhere in dashboard by choosing a field value from any of the containers. You can also choose a set of areas on the geo map by dragging the cursor over the required areas. By default an inclusion filter is generated. This filter will be grey in color. The filter conditions is displayed in a grey oval figure under the text query entry box:

Hovering on the filter oval displays the following icons:

images/filter-enable.png Enable Filter
Disable the filter without removing it. Click again to re-enable the filter. Diagonal stripes indicate that a filter is disabled.

images/filter-pin.png Pin Filter
Pin the filter. Pinned filters persist when you switch between Insights elements. For example, you can pin a filter in Discover and it remains in place when you switch to Visualize.

images/filter-toggle.png Toggle Filter
Click this icon to toggle a filter. By default, filters are inclusion filters, and display in grey. Only elements that match the filter are displayed. To change this to an exclusion filters, displaying only elements that don’t match, toggle the filter. Exclusion filters display in red.

images/filter-delete.png Remove Filter
Click this icon to remove a filter entirely.
To apply any of the filter actions to all the filters currently in place, click the Container Filter Global Filter Actions button and select an action.

Text Query Filter