In order to create a new category, you will have to go to New Category Page. You can go to the New Category page by selecting the New Category option in the Manage Categories page.


Once you click on the new Category, you will arrive at the New Category Page.

Follow the following steps to create a master filter. By default, a new category opens with no filter conditions.

  1. Fill category name and category group box
  2. Click on Create New Filter
Category Group is used to group category into various section. They are particular useful in report generation.
  • Choose first filter (data source)

  • Choose second filter (Specific Column in data source)

Alternatively, you could type the column name in the search box for direct selection.

  • Make use of the third filter (Text Filter)

Search Creation

Search Creation

Once done click on SAVE to save the master filter. A category can contain one or more master filters. Follow the above same process to create another master filter and so on and so forth.

You can edit or delete the master filters by clicking on the Edit Search option at the top of the master filter.
Once you are done creating the master filters, the final step is to apply the Boolean operators over the master filters to complete the query.Three filters are provided for the same.

Search Filter

Search Filter

Search Filter

Once done click on Save Search to save the category. A summary of the data from the new category is shown on the right hand side in the preview section.

VOZIQ will now start mining and processing the data from all the sources available.

Tip 1: (For easier understanding) VOZIQ stores your data in multiple tables. Filter1/Source is used to select the table. Filter2/Target is used to select the column. Filter3/Keywords & Operators are used to select the rows.

Tip 2: You can view the category and its content in various formats using the followingView Search
Manage Categories
Editing Categories