VOZIQ is a Cloud-Based Text Analytics Solution for Contact Centers. It leverages internal call center data (like agent notes, call logs etc) and several other data sources to bring powerful analytics technology to your desktop.

VOZIQ app consists of following main menu options:

Application and Data Management

Categories: Categories are used to organize data into various groups and subgroups. Categories facilitate text mining. In other words, it helps in categorizing the data more efficiently. Data can be broken down into specific subjects of interest.

Administration: This module allows you to perform various administrative activities like creating users, assigning roles, connecting external data sources to the application etc. Meant for users with admin rights only!

Data Monitoring and Analysis

Insights: The play area for the analysts. This module contains the interactive dashboards and visualizations builder. All the analytical activities are carried out in this module.

Reports: This module contains the OLAP functionality. OLAP is a powerful technology for data discovery, including capabilities for limitless report viewing, complex analytical calculations, trend analysis, and sophisticated data modeling.
You can also download raw data in csv/excel format or template reports in pdf format as well as schedule pdf reports through emails under this module.