You can organize the call records in a tabular format where columns consist of fields like call date, customer name etc. and rows are the call records. Each row corresponds to one call. You can further reorganize this data by using the filters. Such an arrangement is called the Search.

Whenever you open the discover page, you will always find 2 default fields. Time and _source.

About Searches
  • Time field is based on the configuration of the selected index. In other words, it displays call date and call time.
  • _source field is basically the group of all the fields present in that index. In other words all the fields are shown in a single column via this field. This field is only available in the discover page. It is a system generated field.

To view individual field data for any particular call record, click the Expand button Expand Button - Voziq Dashboardat the extreme left of the table.

You can view the call record data as a separate page by clicking the document link.

To collapse the document details, click the Collapse button Collapse Button.

About Discover
Search Management